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The issue of alignment of the walls is relevant for anyone who is faced with repairs. This problem concerns both old houses and new buildings, since at the present time…

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How to choose the color of the laminate for the apartment

Laminate flooring is a traditional flooring in many apartments. High demand due to the properties of the material – it is non-toxic, safe, durable, affordable, and among the abundance of colors and textures you can easily choose a laminate in harmony with the interior of any room. So how to choose the color of the laminate for the apartment, so that it looks perfect, has a well-groomed and luxurious look?

What color of laminate to choose for a small apartment?
Visually expanding the space of a small room is quite realistic when using the correct color range of finishing materials. For a small apartment is ideal laminate:

any light tones – plain and with a soft texture;
executed under a natural tree;
with bulk ornament and small drawings;
with non-contrast edges – there are entire collections where the slats visually merge with each other, expanding the space;
with grooves along the length of the slats.
Important and proper laying of laminate in the apartment – slats should be mounted longitudinally or diagonally to stretch the room. Skirting and thresholds need to choose the color of the floor, this will also visually increase the area of ​​the room.

Light solid color laminate
How to choose the color of the laminate and doors?
To laminate looked advantageous, it should be succinctly combined with furniture, wallpaper and doors. How to correctly choose the color of doors and laminate for an apartment?

the door and the floor should be of different colors, but preferably – from a single range of colors;
a light-beige door and a laminate of warm golden hue will become a universal solution;
white doors in combination with a slightly darker floor also look advantageous;
gray and red tones are not recommended, as it is more difficult to find furniture for them;
Contrasting tones would also be out of place, for example, a wenge color laminate is not combined with a light door;
brown flooring is suitable for dark doors – wenge, stained oak, dark chestnut.
Saturated dark shades do not like neighborhoods with contrasting colors, moreover, they can adversely affect the mood of the household, requires frequent cleaning. If you are looking for a universal and simple solution, light shades are what you need.

Dark doors and dark laminate
How to choose the color of the laminate for the apartment – photos and tips of the designer
Without the involvement of a specialist, it is difficult to harmoniously decorate a room and choose the color of the floor covering, which will be successfully combined with the furniture and meet the requirements of practicality depending on the room. How to choose laminate in color to the apartment? Design tips will help:

for rooms whose windows do not face the sunny side, and the installation of several lighting fixtures is impossible, light colors are recommended;
making out a strict interior, for example, office or a study, give preference to reddish tones;
dark laminate with gloss looks good in the bedroom, but requires high-quality artificial or solar lighting;
the laminate should be selected 2-3 tones darker than the furniture, but not in contrasting shades; in the kitchen, the floor covering should be combined with tile, table top, natural washing stone;
white and dark laminate is an impractical solution for an apartment and an office; dust, sand and minor scratches will be noticeable here.
How to choose a laminate for an apartment? Photos from catalogs will help determine the color scheme, and the image and reviews of brands – to choose a trusted manufacturer. Save when buying a laminate is not necessary, so that the coating served for several years without losing the primary attractiveness. High-quality laminate, selected in the interior of a competent designer and laid a good master, will be a real find for the apartment.

In order that like it, that is not. Turned in November 2018 for the repair of 3-room apartment. A measurer arrived, on the spot they decided almost all the questions and got a quote. To repair itself started after 2 weeks, I took a pause to think and decide more about the glazing. As a result, I ordered the windows through them too. In the brigade were masters Alla, Peter, Alexey. The masters are literate, but silent, mostly communication was with the foreman on all points. The estimate was closed at the end unchanged from the original, although I expected an increase. Something added, something removed, but the amount within a couple of thousand has changed. From the fact that he didn’t like it, he made an order for everything from them and was personally present at all the inspections. Delivery from 9 to 9. Lost a lot of my time, offered to specify the time to 2 hours, but for a fee of 500 r from each delivery. If you take the repair and the whole process as a whole, then I am not happy, but I am not upset either.

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