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Before the start of finishing works in the premises resorted to priming the walls. It acts as a base and is required for better adhesion of materials to each other,…

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The screen on the battery – not just an additional element of interior decor

Screen on the batteryPermanent exposure to high temperatures contributes to the fact that the batteries in the room lose their aesthetic appearance. In addition, it does not give beauty to radiators and their constant coloring. And if during the repair you do not plan to replace this design, then in the updated interior it will not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Replacing a heating radiator is not cheap, but the problem can be solved with the help of special decorative devices. Moreover, the screen on the battery not only performs a decorative function, but also protects households from possible injuries when striking such an object. This is especially true for restless babies and pets. Performs screen and uniform heat distribution.

Battery Functionality
From the school bench, we know that the black body effectively absorbs and radiates heat energy. Therefore, special designs are able to absorb infrared radiation emanating from radiators, while delivering exclusively heat to the room.

Thus, mostly decorative screens from the inside are produced in black. A shiny heat-reflecting surface is glued behind the battery for more efficient heat release. From the outside, the product is decorated for any interior design.

What are battery screens from today
Modern manufacturers of radiator screens offer similar decorative elements in a variety of types. And above all this concerns the material of manufacture. So, on the market are:

plastic panels – one of the budget options, this is the simplest solution in the design of the battery in the interior, however, given the temperature regimes of heating radiators, such a product should be treated with caution, since plastic can melt, crack from a blow, etc .;
metal models are an excellent choice, as this screen is durable, resistant to mechanical damage, does not deform, it is easy to install, it has good thermal conductivity, is affordable and is available in a huge range of types and colors;
wooden structures are a more expensive solution, but it looks very impressive and good in the interior, such products are durable, especially with a certain care for them, if you choose this fixture, it is better to give preference to the mounted look;
glass versions perform an exclusively decorative function, glass in this case is used knee, therefore it is sufficiently resistant to damage, subject to a variety of decor using other materials.
Screens can also be made in a combination of materials, such as metal and plastic or wood and glass, etc.

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