Currently, laminate is increasingly used for laying flooring. The reasons for its popularity are reasonable price, practicality in use and a variety of design. Unlike natural materials, it is not…

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Dream bath in the "Khrushchev"
Anyone who has ever seen an advertisement for shampoos, secretly dreamed of visiting the place of an actor or actress. Huge bathrooms, with windows overlooking the flowering fields and lakes.…

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The issue of alignment of the walls is relevant for anyone who is faced with repairs. This problem concerns both old houses and new buildings, since at the present time…

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This kind of suspension systems, like suspended ceilings, quickly gained popularity among buyers. And all because they are fast installation, low price, wide range of colors, and at the same time they look beautiful and harmonious in any room. They consist of a frame, fixed on the upper part of the walls and the canvas itself, stretched smoothly, without folds and other flaws.

The advantages of the system
In addition to several of the above advantages of stretch ceilings, you can note a number of others:

No need for preparatory work on the surface before installation.
An excellent solution to hide all the flaws of the ceiling – smudges and bumps.
Shrinkage of the building (if the installation is carried out in a country house) does not negatively affect the condition of the canvas.
The surface is antistatic, does not accumulate dust.
The system has sound insulation properties that protect against noise from the neighbors above.
There is no possibility of the formation of corrosion or the entry of the components of the web into interaction with chemicals.
Stretch opaque ceiling Stretch glossy ceiling
Systems do not accumulate condensate, so are great for bathrooms and even swimming pools.
Installation work takes no more than one day, even with the installation of lighting.
No need to take out of the room furniture or other furnishings.
There are no restrictions on the installation of lighting equipment.
No debris, dust, dirt.
Long service life – at least ten years.
Ability to hide communication.
100% surface leveling.
The ability of the ceiling to retain water and thus save from leaks.
Frame and canvas stretch ceilings
The frame of the system can be made of plastic and aluminum. Its production from more durable materials, such as steel, is not required, because the fabric is lightweight. Manufacturers hang out part of the textile or PVC. Customers can choose to order a matte or glossy surface that is uniform, painted in different colors or decorated with drawings.

Stretch ceiling from the company “Repairing” Stretch ceiling in the bathroom
Features professional installation
It is possible to choose a stretch ceiling for any type of repair in the apartment. The low price of simple PVC systems allows you to install them in the process of budget finishes. Despite the low cost, this ceiling will last a long time and will be perfectly smooth. By the way, PVC system can be freely dismantled and then reinstalled.

If we are talking about significant investments, the embodiment of large-scale design projects and the use of expensive materials, then it is worth making an order from a larger price category, with canvases made of fabric with colorful, stylized, elegant and any other pictures you like.

The main thing is to trust the installation of suspended ceilings only to professionals. They use special equipment for this and perform work in full compliance with safety regulations. In addition, the involvement of skilled craftsmen ensures the preservation of all operational properties and a long service life without the formation of defects.

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