The choice of high-quality and beautiful ceiling coverings is an important stage in the renovation of the apartment. Finding the right option is complicated by a huge assortment of various…

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Overview of popular construction mixers: which tool to choose?
The construction mixer is an indispensable attribute of the upcoming finishing work in the apartment. Need to prepare a cement mortar? Are you going to apply Venetian plaster? Would you…

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What if wooden floors creak?
Creaking wood floors are a problem not only for old houses, but also for new apartments, where the renovation was carried out rather carelessly. And hardly annoying creaking will cause…

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Concrete construction is usually large scale. The peak of the popularity of the construction of houses from this material, we remember the times of the USSR. Its unique qualities, which provide buildings with special resistance to wind loads, have returned it to its former demand, because the stabilizing properties became the basis for its mass use in high-rise construction. Another interesting and useful feature is the ability to create any architectural form. Continue reading


The materials used for the construction of stone walls are bricks, blocks of cellular or autoclaved concrete or ceramic stones. They are stacked in horizontal rows on a lime or cement-sand mortar with mutual ligation of the resulting vertical seams. Due to such a structure, increased strength and durability of the constructed structure is provided.

Brick wall
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Regardless of what materials will be used for finishing walls – panels, wallpaper, ceramic tile, paint – their surface should be smooth and durable. To achieve the desired result, the method of puttying or applying plaster can be used. It should also be borne in mind that for different types of decorative coatings a different level of evenness is possible. For example, a perfectly flat wall is required for wallpaper and paint, and if you plan to finish with plastic panels, small irregularities are allowed on its surface. Continue reading

Soundproofing apartment: what material to prefer?
Thin walls in the apartments are a real scourge of modernity, thanks to which you hear all the details of the life of your neighbors. Particularly acute is the question…


Laying laminate on uneven floors
Laminate is rapidly gaining popularity among the finishing materials. Its relatively low cost is not an indication that this material will not last long. The main condition - laying laminate…