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What if wooden floors creak?

Creaking wood floors are a problem not only for old houses, but also for new apartments, where the renovation was carried out rather carelessly. And hardly annoying creaking will cause pleasant sensations: it is capable of disturbing households and neighbors, therefore it is better to find a way to solve this problem. The ideal option is a complete replacement of the floor – it means that it is time to start a long-planned repair.

Creaking floors in a panel house: reasons
When the floor squeaks under linoleum in Khrushchev or another apartment, it is necessary to identify the cause of such negative phenomena. What can be caused by the creaking of wooden floors?

If the covering is laid on logs or wooden beams, the sound appears due to a weak fit of the floor. This may be due to temporary deformation or unprofessional styling;
Parquet laid on a concrete base begins to creak due to a loose fit to the surface, due to the fact that there is a free space between the floor and the floor.
Whatever the cover, no matter how long it serves you, the reason for the appearance of the squeak is due to the appearance of voids in the floor. How to get rid of squeak wooden floor? The purpose of the repair work will be the elimination of free space, only in this case the unpleasant sound can be removed.

Elimination of floor squeak from chipboard without opening
Of course, the best way to eliminate the defect is to open the floor and replace it – so you update the interior, and the floor can last for many more years. However, if significant expenses are not included in your plans, there is an easier way to remove floor squeaking:

Make a diagnosis – find the most problematic places that squeak heavily, mark them on the floor with chalk;
Determine where the lags and beams go – you may have to scrub the paint off the floor. An autopsy is an extreme measure, but thanks to it you can understand the condition of the overlap. If from here pulls with mustiness, mold and dampness, it is better to carry out a complete replacement;
Screw the screws into the beams in such a way as to press the floor covering as tight as possible. The distance between the screws can be any, but it is necessary – more than 15 cm. Make sure that the drill does not get into already hammered nails, this can lead to breakage or injury.

When the floor is creaking under the linoleum, you will have to remove the top covering and see the condition of the boards. Only in this way can you remove annoying and unpleasant squeak.

How to stretch the floors so as not to creak: parquet
Creaking parquet is capable of delivering no less inconvenience, because the deformation of its individual elements is a significant reason for the appearance of sound. It is necessary to eliminate the defect pointwise, since not all the bars require replacement, but only those that lead to squeak. How to get rid of skip wooden floor?

Determine which slat creaks, to do this, walk on the floor and knock it out;
Drill a hole in the middle of the creaking plate;
Prepare a solution of concrete, reminiscent of the consistency of milk;
Pour it into the syringe, check how well the mixture is squeezed out;
Insert the syringe into the hole, squeeze out a small portion. Do not rush, so that the air can freely come out from under the parquet, and the cement has managed to harden;
Inject the solution until the hole takes it, then wait until it is completely dry;
Fill the top with a special wood putty.
The most important thing – do not try to immediately eliminate the creak in all the slats, carry out work gradually and consistently.

It is possible to eliminate the creaking of wooden floors with minimal cost, without opening the material, without carrying out a complete replacement. Depending on the type of coating, the method of repair will be different. But if these measures do not help you, you will have to completely renew the floor, carrying out capital finishing works.

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