Self laying laminate
Today laminate flooring has become very popular. The main merit of this is the relatively low cost and good quality. At a low price imitate expensive natural wood floors in…

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Dream bath in the "Khrushchev"
Anyone who has ever seen an advertisement for shampoos, secretly dreamed of visiting the place of an actor or actress. Huge bathrooms, with windows overlooking the flowering fields and lakes.…

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Warming the balcony. How to warm the balcony?
People living in a high-rise building have a balcony or loggia. Most people use this area to store their belongings, such as strollers, bicycles, vegetables and tools. In small apartments,…

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Overview of popular construction mixers: which tool to choose?

The construction mixer is an indispensable attribute of the upcoming finishing work in the apartment. Need to prepare a cement mortar? Are you going to apply Venetian plaster? Would you like to reduce repair time and spend less energy? Without a mixer can not do. And if the choice of a drill, a grinder and a jackhammer seems to be a simple task, there are certain difficulties with the mixer.

Types of construction mixers: which tool is better?
A construction mixer is an essential tool for mixing mortars, paints, adhesives, and other materials. Before choosing it, it is useful to understand the features of a highly specialized tool. Traditionally, mixers are classified by engine power:

Over 1000 Watt – suitable for mixing rubble, gravel, sand and slag, performs any hard work with a large amount of materials;
Less than 1000 watts – suitable for varnishes, paints, building mixtures, recommended when carrying out apartment finishing for domestic purposes.
Almost all models of mixers are equipped with one spindle – nozzle for mixing the solution. Nowadays, modern devices are increasingly being used – with two spindles, which allow to increase the volume of mixed concrete.

Popular construction mixers manufacturers
Brands of building tools are familiar to every person who has ever made an apartment repair with his own hands. Today, there are more than a dozen foreign and domestic companies on the market that offer equipment in various price categories. For infrequent home use fit:

These construction mixers are low cost with optimum quality, engine power and performance. If you have a complex and extensive repairs, or you plan to earn money in the construction industry, you can pay attention to the more famous brands – Makita, Bosch. Their price is higher, but the quality is at the highest level.

How to replace a construction mixer with a drill?
People who make repairs themselves and wanting to save, often use a standard drill to mix the solution. Why not, because the system works successfully? However, you need to understand that the engine of this technology is designed for other – static loads. When mixing liquids, the resistance increases significantly, which negatively affects the speed of work, and the finished consistency, and the life of the drill.

You should not use a familiar tool as a construction mixer, it is better to purchase a special drill mixer. In fact, this is a standard drill, equipped with an extra handle and a more powerful engine. But with a large amount of work, all the advantages of using a mixer will be felt.

Useful tips: how to choose a construction mixer?
Most of the models presented to the attention of the consumer have similar characteristics, but you should not overpay for unused potential. When choosing a construction mixer, remember that:

The minimum power of the model is 500 W, for two-handed devices it is 1050 W;
Pay attention to the force of rotation, the higher this indicator, the more viscous and dense medium can be mixed;
The best models are two-handed with a power and adjustment button located in the grip zone;
Choose the type of fastening of the rims on the threads; however, the device can also be reliable with a nut;
The presence of several speeds, of course, is a plus, but to perform one-off work is an excess;
It is easier to control mixers with two beaters, since the tool will not move to one side along the rotation path.

When the mixer is not equipped with a nozzle, you can take exactly the one you need. Choose a construction tool with your needs and the front of the upcoming work and do not overpay for brands that are too much promoted, especially if you are not a fan of frequent repairs with your own hands.

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