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Countertops in the bathroom

In the interior design of any home, bathroom furniture plays an important role. Recently, many people prefer to install the tabletop, not only because of the possibility to decorate the room exclusively and beautifully, but also because of the practicality of this material. Even in a space of small size, you can fit the countertop so that it looks organically.

The advantages of artificial stone countertops
acrylic materials are the ability to create unique shapes;

Quartz surfaces are aesthetics and reliability.

TablemakerAmazing specificity of the ability to work with artificial material allows you to create various elements that are so in demand in our time, when everyone wants an exclusive. Of course in this list one of the leading places is occupied by tabletops, which you can order on

What is attractive artificial material:

practical and high strength;

resistant to various types of damage and pollution, as well as moisture;

ecologically safe;

it is easily processed, gives the chance to experiment with forms and lines;

ease of operation.

How to choose a countertop in the bathroom
countertop We recommend choosing a countertop to the bathroom based on the characteristics of the acquired plumbing. For example, the installation of a desktop sink can be carried out on the surface of artificial material and quartz.

For embedded sinks, these modules are also suitable. They are easy to cut ideally take the desired shape. In turn, mounted countertops are designed for hanging sinks.

Monolithic designs, when the tabletop is combined with the sink – one of the most popular. This is a good solution for many reasons: incredible ease of maintenance, stylish look, the absence of any difficulties associated with connecting plumbing and cutting the table top.

For large families, the so-called “Innovative hybrid” is relevant – a triple model, which in no way loses to other structures in terms of operational and aesthetic characteristics.

In bathrooms with a small area under a small solid tabletop, it is very convenient to install a washing machine.

How to care for artificial stone countertops
care This material is quite unpretentious in the care. Therefore, to maintain the countertops made of artificial stone, you do not need to have professional knowledge of the cleaner. As you get dirty, you can simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth. You can use the entire range of detergents for the bathroom and kitchen, which do not contain abrasive elements.

The standard smooth surface of the processed artificial stone is similar to glass. Due to the absence of pores and microcracks in it, dirt that is difficult to clean does not clog. Accordingly, the bacteria are easily removed with a sponge, as they are on the surface of the tabletop. Even such problematic pollution, in the form of the effects of children’s creativity with felt-tip pens or stains from nail polish she cares.

The structure of the material is characterized by durability does not give any chance for the reproduction of bacteria, varieties of fungus and mold. Such products are extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical stress. Quartz composite is one of the best options. Countertops made of quartz composite do not lose their original structure, and they are also distinguished by their incredible strength, which is probably inferior only to the characteristics of a diamond. This artificial stone is inert and non-toxic, which means it is absolutely harmless. No harmful fumes at any temperature.

care and most importantly, no harm to health. All plates of quartz have almost zero hygroscopicity, for this reason they can not absorb anything in themselves. If the product is made with high quality, then there will be no microcracks and voids. To achieve this effect, in the production of a quartz mixture is pressed in specially designed for this form, creating a vibration. The next stage is the heat treatment of pressed plates, during which polymerization occurs, as a result of which they become monolithic. After that, the front sides are polished to give them a beautiful shine and uniform brightness. The possibilities of modern equipment allow to achieve the perfect result. There is no doubt that the countertops for the bathroom made of artificial stone will decorate any interior design, decorated in any of the existing styles.

In your bathroom never appear unpleasant, sharp smell. Even if there is no ventilation. Any spilled chemical product is easy to clean. The monolithic design fits perfectly into the space.

How to keep the appearance of the tabletop in perfect condition:

protect the surface from exposure to high temperatures. Use a special stand under the hot. For example, if you decide to relax in the bathroom by placing scented candles on the countertop. In this way you save the beauty of the bathroom and extend the life of the product itself;

avoid abrasive cleansers.

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