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Repair in the children’s room: what to look for?

From an early age, every child needs personal space – a room where he can feel comfortable, enjoy playing, without disturbing his parents. The children’s room with their own hands is quite real, even for two children. You can study the design decisions and start implementing the plan so that the room created by you will please the children, be comfortable regardless of the age of the baby or teenager.

Repair in the nursery: the specificity of the room
Children’s room is a whole world for a child, a place where he will spend most of his life with his parents, grow up, learn and grow up. There are several features of the design of the nursery:

The furniture here should be extremely functional, practicality is much more important than beauty. Remember that a child grows very quickly, so you need to buy furniture with this rule in mind;
If the children are big enough, you should consult with them what kind of repairs they want to see. Of course, the design of the nursery for a boy and a girl will differ significantly;
A small child is better to arrange a room in soft pastel colors. The presence of bright colors is recommended, but they should not cut the eyes, irritate and irritate.
Since the nursery combines a study, a playroom and a bedroom, you need to think about how the room will be zoned so that the child is as comfortable as possible.

Any repair of the children’s room with their own hands must begin with the drafting of the project. What subtleties need to be observed when finishing the room for a child?

Use safe, environmentally friendly materials. Otherwise, there is a high risk of developing asthma, bronchitis, allergies, frequent colds;
For the floor, use a wooden coating with resin or beeswax. Corkwood and parquet will do;
Carpets on the floor can also be laid, but prefer synthetic materials that are easy to wash;
Ceilings are better decorated in white and blue tones, which gives peace and tranquility;
You need to choose the wallpaper depending on the child’s preferences – the kid will love the cartoon characters on the walls, and the teenager can choose the design himself. Use paper wallpaper and special paste to breathe the walls.

If you are repairing a children’s room for two, do not forget that every child should not feel deprived. Provide your angle and space for your activity.

Child safety and helpful repair tips for children
When figuring out how to make repairs in the nursery for a boy or girl, consider the safety requirements. What recommendations can be given to parents?

Completely hide sockets and wiring, the child should not have access to electricity;
Use enclosed luminaires that are impact resistant;
On the windows, install tight handles and a safety net. Reliable fastening and strong locking mechanisms – the main characteristics;
Choose furniture for the nursery so that it does not have sharp corners;
Avoid closing the door from the inside, especially if the child is small;
Buy functional items, for example, a bed combined with a closet. If the table is equipped with shelves, this design solution will be extremely practical for the child;
Psychologists claim that complex patterns and geometric shapes allow you to develop the imagination of the baby, so make sure that the design is intricate and in any case not monotonous.
Child safety first

Such simple rules will allow to carry out safe repair in the room where the baby will live. And you do not have to worry about his health and condition all the time. By the way, it is better to buy inexpensive, but good-quality furniture, because the child will actively grow, you will need a constant change of household items, and the extra luxury here is not at all necessary.

Decorating the interior in the nursery with their own hands is fascinating and interesting. The main thing is to create a practical room with several functional areas. In such a room, the child should be comfortable, comfortable and safe. Come to work wisely and do not forget to consult with children, because they will have to live here. It is best to trust the professionals – people who know how to make a quality repair.

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