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When carrying out repairs in an apartment, its owners often have to solve the problem of moving switches or sockets to another place. This requires replacing outdated wiring or laying a new one. In many cases this cannot be done with the help of existing channels in concrete slabs, which implies the shaton of the wall.Shtrobleniye walls for conducting electrical wiring

People today are increasingly using different technology, and apartments, especially with the old layout, usually do not have enough outlets. Their shortage forces the owners to purchase tees, extension cords or use wires with ramifications. If you plan to install new household appliances, wiring is often hidden in the wall, having previously made the necessary holes in it.

Rules and restrictions
Before starting work, you should plan in advance the wires and cabling with the exact location of the connection points. The following rules must be observed:

All channels must be located perpendicular or parallel to walls or floors.
If it is planned to shten a wall surface near gas supply pipes, it is recommended to make holes at a distance of at least 40 cm from them.
Works need to be planned so that in the scheme of an electrical wiring there was a minimum quantity of turns and bends (disregarding room corners).
Strobit bearing walls are not allowed.
The width and depth of the channels must be maintained within 25 mm.
Wire channel

Stoning methods
Various tools can be used for wall shrouding, the type of work depends on the type of which. The most common are the following methods:

Using a chisel and a hammer – the channel in this case turns out to be very uneven and is divided into several separate segments. This technique is the cheapest, but takes a significant amount of time and requires considerable effort.
Impact drill or perforator – drilling is carried out using special additional nozzles (flat blade or wide short drill). Work is done much faster, but the holes still remain uneven.
Wiring in the wall
The use of grinders – this method is the most dusty, but the edges of the channel are smooth and even. The resulting dust is almost impossible to catch even with a vacuum cleaner. For shtrobleniya used discs with a diamond notch.
Special wall chaser is the most expensive method. Such tools are a structure consisting of cutting wheels, washers between them, a drain for suctioning dust and a protective casing. When using this device, the holes are smooth and neat, and in the process of work there is practically no small building waste.
Additional requirements
Prior to the start of the shaving, the walls should be checked for the presence of existing wiring. This is done to prevent damage, and also eliminates the need to redo the plan. This operation is performed using a special device indicating the location of the cables that are under voltage.

Outlet Installation

In order to eliminate the possibility of dust and debris from entering other rooms, the room must be pre-insulated. This is usually done using a damp cloth or a transparent film designed to close the doorways. After the wall is finished, its surface should be coated with a primer and thoroughly cleaned the channels. After laying the wiring all the gaps are filled with plaster, plaster or putty.



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