Repair in the children's room: what to look for?
From an early age, every child needs personal space - a room where he can feel comfortable, enjoy playing, without disturbing his parents. The children's room with their own hands…

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Alignment of the walls during the repair has always been one of the most time-consuming and lengthy processes that required a significant application of force and the presence of special…

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When is the best time to start repairs: in winter or in summer?
Before you begin repairs in the apartment, many people doubt what time of year is best - summer or winter. Here you need to understand that each season has its…

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basis of sand and standard


In the construction and reconstruction of walls – bearing and interior, solid and hollow – we often use brick. For each type of work, a separate variety is taken – silicate, ceramic, clinker, chamotte, hyperpressed. The main material for its creation, in most cases – clay. It is kneaded to the desired consistency with the addition of additives, additives, water. Next is the process of molding, drying at a temperature of 200 ° and final firing. However, some types of bricks are not made of clay. Continue reading


Quite flat walls are rarely found in apartments. This disadvantage is primarily concerned with old houses, however, modern new buildings are often sinful as well. Eliminate such irregularities can help drywall.
When the wall surface has drops of more than 30 mm, it is time consuming to level them with the help of wet plaster. In this case, it is more appropriate to use sheets GLA. Continue reading


The materials used for the construction of stone walls are bricks, blocks of cellular or autoclaved concrete or ceramic stones. They are stacked in horizontal rows on a lime or cement-sand mortar with mutual ligation of the resulting vertical seams. Due to such a structure, increased strength and durability of the constructed structure is provided.

Brick wall
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Self laying laminate
Today laminate flooring has become very popular. The main merit of this is the relatively low cost and good quality. At a low price imitate expensive natural wood floors in…


How to choose the color of the laminate for the apartment
Laminate flooring is a traditional flooring in many apartments. High demand due to the properties of the material - it is non-toxic, safe, durable, affordable, and among the abundance of…