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When is the best time to start repairs: in winter or in summer?

Before you begin repairs in the apartment, many people doubt what time of year is best – summer or winter. Here you need to understand that each season has its own characteristics, and if the upcoming manipulations require a lot of time, you should plan convenient days in advance when the intervention will create a minimum of discomfort for the household and others.

When to start repairs in the apartment to prevent mistakes?
What do you think, is it possible to have time before the New Year, the end of a vacation or the beginning of summer, if you act right now? If the question of choice is when it is better to start losing weight, the answer is unequivocal – today, then you should not rush into repairs. Consider a few recommendations:

Start work only when you have a clear plan of action – a prepared project or at least a list of tasks;
Look for a team of apartment repair workers when the scope of work is determined;
Find out how much time it takes repair from specialists, put in here the time for approval, for example, when re-planning, as well as force majeure;
Start repairs only when you have enough money to complete it;
Be prepared to move to the time of repair, if there is a large-scale reconstruction – the capital decoration of the apartment takes about three months.
It is important to consider upcoming costs to determine when to start repairs. Do not rush to carry out work in the new building before the building shrinks, and when manipulating in the old house – mentally multiply the estimate by two.

What work should be done in the summer?
When to do repairs in the apartment: in the winter, in the summer, and maybe in the spring? This perennial question worries many people. There are several arguments in favor of the warm season:

You can carry out any finishing work, change the heating system;
Dismantle of windows, doors, balconies will not cause discomfort;
Heat – you can work with comfort;
Households will be able to go to the country or to the village – “to the grandmother”;
Most solutions are designed for use at above zero temperatures; in winter they dry longer;
A light day is longer, so you can work until late at night, however, for city apartments there are limitations and quiet hours, and it is forbidden to make noise by law.
However, summer is the time for stuffiness, heat and dust when you want to go on vacation. Prices for services of construction masters are rising, brigades are snapped up, because almost every person makes repairs in an apartment in the summer.

Can I make repairs in the apartment in the winter?
Repair in the winter in a new building or residential apartment is by no means the fate of desperate people, because it is very profitable to carry out manipulations during the cold season:

The cost of labor is reduced, you can choose even the most sought-after brigade;
Prices for building materials are also lower;
In winter, it is easier to obtain permits from employees of the Homeowners Association and the Criminal Code, since in the summer they go on vacation, and getting the keys to the basement and the attic for manipulation becomes problematic.

In winter, it is advisable to carry out the repair of one room or cosmetic work that does not require significant time-consuming. It is better to transfer the replacement of windows, glazing of the loggia and the installation of air conditioners for spring or summer, when the temperature rises to a comfortable level. In winter, you can also change the battery, carry out plumbing work, but it is more difficult to do this – you need to shut off the water.

When is the best time to start repairs: in winter or in summer? Experts claim that the best time of year for carrying out large-scale turnkey works is spring – a time when prices did not grow, the weather stabilized, and there were still a few hot months in stock for a comfortable finish. Around March-April, it is worthwhile to find a good brigade in order to start work with the onset of heat without delay and downtime, then in the summer it will be possible to engage in finishing work.

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