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Quite flat walls are rarely found in apartments. This disadvantage is primarily concerned with old houses, however, modern new buildings are often sinful as well. Eliminate such irregularities can help drywall.
When the wall surface has drops of more than 30 mm, it is time consuming to level them with the help of wet plaster. In this case, it is more appropriate to use sheets GLA.

Installation of drywall on the surface of the wall
Finishing methods
The use of this material can be carried out in frame or frameless way. The first technology involves the fixing of drywall using a frame made of wooden slats or metal profiles. The disadvantage of this method is the reduction of the usable floor space, which is explained by the rather large thickness of the structure. The advantages of the frame method include the possibility of laying additional insulation.

Frameless technology involves the use of construction glue in the installation process. To do this, you must first prepare the wall surface, after which sheets GLA are attached to it.

Drywall Sheets
Work technology when using the frame method
Construction of walls using drywall is carried out in several stages:

The construction of the frame of the rack and guide profiles, fixed on the ceiling.
The connection of individual elements of construction screws or dowels.
Laying insulation from the reverse side of the sheets.
Putty wall surface.
Processing and reinforcement of joints.
Primer application.
Plasterboard wall decoration
Advantages and disadvantages
Drywall is considered a versatile material, since it is used not only for leveling surfaces, but also for the construction of walls. Its benefits include:

Ease of cutting sheets with a jigsaw or a regular knife.
The simplicity of working with GLK sheets allows you to create designs of even complex, intricate shapes.
Environmental friendliness and safety due to the absence of harmful components and toxins.
The possibility of combining with other finishing materials – wooden lining, decorative stone, wallpaper, plaster, paint.
Despite all the advantages, drywall has its drawbacks, of which the following should be noted:

Low strength.
Exposure to moisture, destroying the structure of the material.
Creating an echo in the room, which is explained by the presence of voids in the wall in the absence of insulation.
The impossibility of fixing on the wall surface of shelves with heavy objects.

Wall cladding GLA sheets
The use of drywall provides a wide scope for the implementation of various design ideas. It can be used to create niches, curved arches, decorative partitions that divide the space of a room into several parts. The appearance of the walls with such decoration is distinguished by elegance and originality. A thoughtful design and properly designed design will visually expand the area of ​​the room and decorate its interior.

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