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Before the start of finishing works in the premises resorted to priming the walls. It acts as a base and is required for better adhesion of materials to each other, elimination of minor defects and prevention of mold and fungus. The presence of a large range of such products allows you to handle different surfaces.

Primer wall
Impregnation of deep penetration – used in the design of the walls of plasterboard, foam concrete, aerated concrete;
Adhesive solutions – under plastic, tile, metal and glass;
Antifungal mixtures – wet rooms;
Insulating primer – for high-quality separation of the surface of the wall from the finishing finish;
Universal – designed to improve adhesion, adjust the permeability. Deep action, forms a film.
Surface primer
Dedusting and leveling the surface;
Protection against fungus, bacteria, mold;
Strengthening the strength of concrete;
Increased adhesion of any materials;
Some solutions form a film that reduces the absorption properties and regulates the porosity of the base;
Improved moisture resistance;
Well resists the occurrence of corrosion on the metal.
Primer application
The nuances of choice
Before starting work, it becomes clear how strongly the walls absorb liquids, which indicates porosity, and on this basis appropriate primers are selected.

With a small number of pores, a primer with good adhesion is required;
Surfaces with average indices are treated with various compositions depending on the starting material and finishing;
With large porosity, deep penetration primers are needed.
When buying and repairing it is worth remembering that all types of soil, if required by the instructions, are divorced according to the existing rules. Any violation can lead to deterioration of the mixture and its unsuitability to perform the tasks.

It is not recommended to independently produce a primer, as the necessary and rare additives are added to the professional production in precisely measured proportions, which affects the quality of work.

If one container is small, then it is necessary to purchase additional formulations of the same manufacturer and in no case mix different types of soil among themselves, which the company is undergoing repair. This rule applies to color schemes – they must be of the same brand.
Application of soil on the wall
Application technology
This type of activity does not require serious skills and does not imply time-consuming. It is only necessary to observe some details.

Before starting, the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned of dirt by a construction vacuum cleaner or a wide brush;
The primer is poured into a cuvette and, if necessary, diluted, mixed. A roller is used for work, the composition is applied in a thin layer to avoid the occurrence of defects;
Corners are treated with a small brush;
Different times are allowed for drying of the walls, but more often it does not exceed 24 hours. The second layer, if there is a need for it, is applied only after this period;
After that, you can proceed to further decoration.
Primer is an essential element for quality and durable repair. The mixtures are used to improve the adhesion of the surfaces to be treated, to eliminate minor defects, to protect against fungi, mold and high humidity. For work with various materials special types of soil are used.

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