Laying laminate on uneven floors
Laminate is rapidly gaining popularity among the finishing materials. Its relatively low cost is not an indication that this material will not last long. The main condition - laying laminate…

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Alignment of the walls during the repair has always been one of the most time-consuming and lengthy processes that required a significant application of force and the presence of special…

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Countertops in the bathroom
In the interior design of any home, bathroom furniture plays an important role. Recently, many people prefer to install the tabletop, not only because of the possibility to decorate the…

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Self laying laminate

Today laminate flooring has become very popular. The main merit of this is the relatively low cost and good quality. At a low price imitate expensive natural wood floors in a very high quality. Although, sometimes laminate of high class and quality from elite collections can be priced at a level, or even higher, than wooden flooring. Caring for such a floor is simple, and the coating is durable. To use laminate in both living rooms and public spaces, it is necessary to consider the wear resistance class. Continue reading

Stretch ceiling. Installation, care

Residents of high-rise buildings are always haunted by the fear of being flooded by their neighbors from above, but with the advent of stretch ceilings, these concerns are a thing of the past. Such ceilings can withstand up to one hundred liters of water per square meter and, at the same time, they only sag under the water mass. What is a stretch ceiling? Continue reading

How to combine the kitchen and dining room in a small apartment?

The classic layout of the room suggests that the cooking place is separated from the dining room – rooms for eating, holding buffets and feasts. But modern rooms are so small that it is extremely difficult to fit a dining room in an apartment. Sometimes even a dining table can hardly be put on the living space. Increasingly, people think: how to combine the kitchen and dining room to create a cozy space? Continue reading

What if wooden floors creak?

Creaking wood floors are a problem not only for old houses, but also for new apartments, where the renovation was carried out rather carelessly. And hardly annoying creaking will cause pleasant sensations: it is capable of disturbing households and neighbors, therefore it is better to find a way to solve this problem. The ideal option is a complete replacement of the floor – it means that it is time to start a long-planned repair. Continue reading

Repair in the children’s room: what to look for?

From an early age, every child needs personal space – a room where he can feel comfortable, enjoy playing, without disturbing his parents. The children’s room with their own hands is quite real, even for two children. You can study the design decisions and start implementing the plan so that the room created by you will please the children, be comfortable regardless of the age of the baby or teenager. Continue reading

Concrete construction is usually large scale. The peak of the popularity of the construction of houses from this material, we remember the times of the USSR. Its unique qualities, which…


How to make a ceiling of plasterboard
Modern plasterboard ceilings differ from their typical “brothers” with a number of indisputable advantages and are able to literally transform the interior of any room. Such ceilings, above all, provide…