How to choose the color of the laminate for the apartment
Laminate flooring is a traditional flooring in many apartments. High demand due to the properties of the material - it is non-toxic, safe, durable, affordable, and among the abundance of…

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Купить granite marble price.
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The issue of alignment of the walls is relevant for anyone who is faced with repairs. This problem concerns both old houses and new buildings, since at the present time…

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Decorative facade plaster

Such finishing materials for exterior work, such as facade plaster is not only responsible for the attractiveness of the exterior, but also designed to protect the foundation of the house from the negative effects of sunlight, wind and moisture, therefore, to solve the above problems, you need to buy facade plaster.
Bark beetle finish

To perform this type of work will need:
• Spatulas of large and medium length. • Trowel of medium and large size.
• Mixture for finishing.

With the help of a small trowel, a mass is applied to the trowel of a larger size. After that, the surface of the wall is treated with plaster, which was purchased on the website
Manipulations should be performed from the corner upwards, leveling the mixture over the entire surface.
At the moment when the finishing material grabs, and this happens within 15 minutes, it is necessary to complete the formation of a pattern using a plastic trowel. The pattern can have horizontal, vertical grooves or in the form of “rain”.

After 40-50 minutes, when the coated area is completely dry, it is worthwhile to carry out its final processing using a fine-grained grater or a cleaned plastic tool.
The effect of fur coats

The application of decorative facing plaster with the effect of “fur coat” is done in 2 ways:
• Special machine.
• Textured roller.

A special machine allows you to carry out the entire process of finishing on the principle of compressor. It is often called the “barrel organ”. It has a tank into which the plaster mass is sprayed onto the treated wall. And its density can be adjusted by means of water.

The severity of the work is not less than its implementation with the help of a roller, but in the end a plane with a more attractive appearance is obtained.
The most common way to finish the facade with decorative plaster is the action produced by the textured roller. Since this is a budget option.
First, this type of building material should cover the entire plane with a thin layer, and then walk on it with a special roller.
In the process of work, uneven distribution of the texture can be revealed. To eliminate this, it is necessary to move the plaster from large areas to smaller ones by gentle actions with a trowel and re-run.

It is important to perform manipulations from one corner to another, without interrupting. Since at the end of the finishing flaws will be noticeable, and the appearance of cracks.
In case this event is held for the first time, it is important to do test work on a miniature and unobtrusive site.

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