Aerocrete units are products of cellular concrete, which has many pores inside. This has a great effect on increasing its thermal conductivity. In addition, the ability to retain heat is…

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How to choose the color of the laminate for the apartment
Laminate flooring is a traditional flooring in many apartments. High demand due to the properties of the material - it is non-toxic, safe, durable, affordable, and among the abundance of…

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Quite flat walls are rarely found in apartments. This disadvantage is primarily concerned with old houses, however, modern new buildings are often sinful as well. Eliminate such irregularities can help…

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The choice of high-quality and beautiful ceiling coverings is an important stage in the renovation of the apartment. Finding the right option is complicated by a huge assortment of various designs available on the market. This article presents the most popular types of ceilings and describes the features of the materials used for their design.

Finishing options
Consider the traditional types of ceiling finishes:

Whitewashing – implies surface treatment with chalk or lime mortar. To obtain a quality result, the base requires prior alignment using priming, putty or plaster.
Painting – as materials used special ceiling paints, providing the possibility of painting in any colors and shades.
Wallpaper – their texture allows you to hide bumps and small surface defects. This method is more complex and time consuming compared to other methods, but its use gives the ceiling an attractive and original look.
Armstrong Ceiling
Armstrong ceiling cover is great for use in public places such as offices, hospitals, shops and schools. It is made in the form of a grid with T-shaped cells of the same size. Structures of this type are fixed on bearing rails and suspensions.

The advantages of Armstrong ceiling systems are:

The fast and easy installation which is not demanding carrying out of furniture from the room.
Good compatibility with modern interior design.
Masking of rough finish and engineering communications.
The possibility of disassembly and re-assembly.
Providing additional heat and noise insulation.
Plasterboard ceilings
Currently, drywall ceilings are often mounted in private homes and city apartments. This material is environmentally friendly, vapor permeable and allows you to create both smooth surfaces and fancy shapes. HL sheets consist of a solid plaster mass, which is sealed with cardboard on both sides. This design ensures high noise insulation of the room.

Plasterboard ceiling
Drywall is perfect for ceilings with large height differences. The finished surface can be decorated with wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster. Coatings of this type can hide electrical wiring and ventilation pipes, as well as provide the ability to create complex multi-functional backlighting.

Ceiling tiles
Ceiling tiles can be used to finish the ceilings, which can be of two types:

Pressed – made by pressing blanks of foam to a thickness of 6 mm.
Injection – is subjected to processing under the influence of high temperatures, so that the plates do not crumble and are easier to cut.
Extruded – in the production process, polystyrene strips are covered with a color film or paint, after which the material is pressed. This method provides ample opportunities for design design – from a single color to imitation of natural wood.
Laminated – on the front side has a protective layer of laminate, which provides protection against fading and contributes to the improvement of impact resistance and moisture resistance.
Seamless – it is distinguished by the lack of edging edges, so when gluing it forms a single canvas with a pattern.
Mirror – made in the form of rectangles or squares and allows you to visually increase the space of the room, making it lighter.

Stretch ceilings are of two types:

From PVC film – installation is carried out in the hot way. The width of the canvas can reach 2 m. The ability to create complex multi-level design allows you to divide the room into several functional areas.
Fabric (seamless) – implies installation in a cold way. Their use is limited to roll widths of 5 m, but this is usually sufficient for typical apartments. Such ceilings are made of polyester materials with special polyurethane impregnation.
Stretch ceiling
Any ceiling covering requires competent and professional installation, so it is recommended to trust installation work only to verified performers.

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