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The electrician in the apartment needs to be changed during a major overhaul, when the old system can no longer withstand the load. In modern new buildings, replacement of wiring, meters and outlets is usually not required. The service life of electrical wiring can reach 20 years, while during this time it wears out heavily, which often leads to problems or becomes a cause of fire.

Electrical work
Electrician replacement
It is best to entrust the work of replacing electricians in an apartment to professional employees of specialized repair organizations. It is not recommended to replace the wiring yourself, as this requires certain skills that only experienced professionals possess.

Companies providing repair services can fully upgrade the electrical wiring in a residential area. Often the apartments are equipped with old meters that do not withstand the burden of numerous household appliances. Because of this, there are drops and power surges, “knocks out traffic jams”, however, few people think that this reflects badly on the performance characteristics of electrical devices.

Replacing wiring involves selecting and installing cables, junction boxes, sockets, and switches. When choosing a shield, you must take into account the daily consumption of electricity.

Laying cables in the wall
Stages of work
Determination of energy consumption in the room;
Mapping the electrical network and the placement of all devices (transfer boxes, switches and sockets).
The choice of one of two types of cable laying – external or internal;
Installation of the necessary equipment.
Check the operation of the updated electrical network.
Professional experts can replace the wiring in the apartment in one day. For multi-storey buildings, the internal installation of the cable is more preferable, for which it is necessary to lay an additional strobe.

Installation outlet
How to choose wires
In older buildings, aluminum wiring is usually installed. Over time, the wires oxidize, the insulation cracks and cracks appear on the bends. As the new wiring is best to use copper cables, which have a lower resistivity and better conduct electric current. In addition, they are more flexible and convenient to install.

Connecting wires from copper and aluminum is not recommended. These two metals have different chemical properties, which can lead to oxidation or destruction of the contact at the joints. Three-core cables are optimal for powering sockets and electric stoves, and for lighting devices it is best to lay two-core cables.

Wiring in a wooden house
Wires can be connected in one of several ways:

Twist – the traditional version of the connection.
Soldering – provides a more reliable contact, but this process is quite long.
With the help of terminals – a compromise solution between the two previous methods.
After completion of all work on the replacement of electrical wiring, it is necessary to check the absence of a short circuit and connect it to the voltage. At the final stage, all channels in the walls are sealed with plaster.

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