Regardless of what materials will be used for finishing walls - panels, wallpaper, ceramic tile, paint - their surface should be smooth and durable. To achieve the desired result, the…

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What if wooden floors creak?
Creaking wood floors are a problem not only for old houses, but also for new apartments, where the renovation was carried out rather carelessly. And hardly annoying creaking will cause…

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Transparent roof - an interesting solution
Transparent roof has become quite popular only recently. Usually for its creation use materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate. Acrylic is characterized by elasticity, quality and high strength. That is…

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When is the best time to start repairs: in winter or in summer?

Before you begin repairs in the apartment, many people doubt what time of year is best – summer or winter. Here you need to understand that each season has its own characteristics, and if the upcoming manipulations require a lot of time, you should plan convenient days in advance when the intervention will create a minimum of discomfort for the household and others. Continue reading

Top 10 mistakes when repairing kitchen: how to avoid them?

Errors in the repair are inevitable, but sometimes they are in the smallest details that do not affect the level of comfort, and sometimes become a real disaster. It is especially important to follow all the rules when repairing a kitchen, because safe and fast cooking will require certain conditions. What are the typical mistakes people make when manipulating here? How to avoid problems, stress and unnecessary expenses in the future? Continue reading

Overview of popular construction mixers: which tool to choose?

The construction mixer is an indispensable attribute of the upcoming finishing work in the apartment. Need to prepare a cement mortar? Are you going to apply Venetian plaster? Would you like to reduce repair time and spend less energy? Without a mixer can not do. And if the choice of a drill, a grinder and a jackhammer seems to be a simple task, there are certain difficulties with the mixer. Continue reading

Soundproofing apartment: what material to prefer?

Thin walls in the apartments are a real scourge of modernity, thanks to which you hear all the details of the life of your neighbors. Particularly acute is the question of sound insulation arises when a small child appears behind the wall, a noisy family, or you decide to arrange your confidential privacy without devoting plans to the whole entrance. To realize our plans, you need to choose a material for sound insulation of the walls in the apartment under the wallpaper or other coating. Continue reading

How to choose the color of the laminate for the apartment

Laminate flooring is a traditional flooring in many apartments. High demand due to the properties of the material – it is non-toxic, safe, durable, affordable, and among the abundance of colors and textures you can easily choose a laminate in harmony with the interior of any room. So how to choose the color of the laminate for the apartment, so that it looks perfect, has a well-groomed and luxurious look? Continue reading

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Suspended ceiling - a system consisting of a frame structure and facing materials. For its device, you must first install a metal frame on which elements and modules are further…


Stretch ceiling. Installation, care
Residents of high-rise buildings are always haunted by the fear of being flooded by their neighbors from above, but with the advent of stretch ceilings, these concerns are a thing…