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For a long time, linoleum was valued only for its ease of installation and affordable cost. Thanks to the rapid development of the building materials market today, it can be used not only when conducting budget repairs, but also in modern stylish interiors. Unusual textures, a variety of different colors and beautiful design – this is not a complete list of the advantages of this material, for which many designers and decorators fell in love with it.

Linoleum flooring
Varieties of material
There are several main types of linoleum:

Natural – made using cork and wood flour, pine resin, linseed oil, limestone powder, jute fabric and dyes of natural origin. It is best suited for residential use. Among its advantages include environmental friendliness, resistance to abrasion, preservation of structure and color during intensive use, ease of care and the presence of bactericidal properties. The disadvantages of the material are undesirable use in rooms with a high level of humidity and relative fragility, due to the fact that in case of bending cracks may appear on it.
Polyvinyl chloride linoleum – involves the use of insulating base, which can be woven or non-woven. Manufacturers produce single-layer and multi-layer floor coverings of this type. The main advantages of PVC are low thermal conductivity, a wide range of patterns and patterns, and a high level of dielectric properties. Synthetic linoleum is classified depending on the scope of application – it is household, that is, used at home, or commercial, designed for laying in office and workrooms.
Gliphthalic – in the process of its production, an alkyd resin is applied to the woven base, which provides good sound and heat insulation characteristics. Because of the tendency to kink in the arrangement of the floor is often difficult. Before laying this material is recommended to hold in a warm room, because otherwise there is a risk of deformation.
Kolloksilinovy ​​- made from nitrocellulose. The advantages of such linoleum are moisture resistance, fire safety, elasticity and the presence of decorative gloss. Among the disadvantages of the material can be identified sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and the tendency to shrink.
Laying linoleum
How to choose a coloring
Linoleum is characterized by a wide variety of design options. In the manufacture it is given bright juicy shades, while they do not fade in the process of use. This building material can reliably reproduce the texture of stone, natural wood or ceramic tile.

Recently, the popular linoleum, imitating the floorboard. Lovers of the original interior design materials fit with abstract and geometric patterns. The coverings reproducing shades of exotic breeds of a tree, for example, a bamboo or a black rosewood will look effectively.

The choice of linoleum
Useful recommendations
When choosing linoleum is recommended to follow the following rules:

The strong smell is evidence of poor quality and content in the composition of harmful additives to health.
The presence of greasy shine on the surface of the material is not allowed, and the figure should be clearly visible and look natural.
The sizes are selected in accordance with the features and area of ​​the room. It is best to purchase linoleum with a reserve so that it can be adjusted at the joints.
The quality of such a flooring is checked in rolled form. This will allow you to notice the areas with flaking film, waves and bumps, the presence of which indicates marriage.
Trimming a roll of linoleum
It is forbidden to fold linoleum in half. The material must be rolled up with the rolls facing down. It is not recommended to glue the adhesive tape to the surface, since the adhesive residue remaining after it has been unstuck is rather difficult to remove.

Give preference to the types of linoleum with a special protective layer. Coatings of this type for a long time retain an aesthetic appearance and wash well.

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