Wallpapers are one of the most popular types of wallcoverings. A wide range, presented on the modern market of finishing materials, allows you to choose the option for decorating expensive…

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The issue of alignment of the walls is relevant for anyone who is faced with repairs. This problem concerns both old houses and new buildings, since at the present time…

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Transparent roof – an interesting solution

Transparent roof has become quite popular only recently. Usually for its creation use materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate. Acrylic is characterized by elasticity, quality and high strength. That is why this material can be used for arranging the roof for the house and at the same time not being afraid that it will soon lose its properties.

Acrylic used for a transparent roof, usually made in the form of sheets, where there are stiffeners filled with air. With this design, this material is very durable, lightweight and has insulating properties. Such property as ease allows to create interesting and at the same time simple constructions from this material. And this in turn will save both money and time, and will help to easily create a high-quality roof.

Most often, a transparent roof is a great solution for arranging rooms such as swimming pools, greenhouses, gazebos, solariums and much more. In some cases, it is used in solving the design of the roof of a country house. But in this case we should not forget that such roofs let ultraviolet through, and this in turn will spoil the furniture in the room.
Much more often for the arrangement of the roof used polycarbonate.

To begin with, this material is much better in operation and can serve its owners much longer. On the average its operational term is equal to fifteen years. In addition, this material is much better at handling various chemical and mechanical effects, and the flammability index is much lower compared to acrylic.

Polycarbonate as well as acryl is very plastic, from which you can create roofs of various shapes and structures.

Despite the many advantages, both materials have disadvantages. Among them it is worth noting the fact that under the action of high temperatures, materials tend to expand the surface.
A transparent roof is a very practical, convenient and original solution. So that such a roof could serve you for a long time, you need to conscientiously approach the choice of material itself, because many characteristics depend on it. It is best to contact qualified specialists for help in constructing such a roof to help you choose the right material and to do all the work properly.

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