The main material for the manufacture of tongue-and-groove slabs is building plaster. To connect with each other along the perimeter, they have grooves and ridges. Since gypsum products are distinguished…

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Качественыи ремонт апартаментов в Дубаи
Reed roof - advantages and disadvantages
Practicality and environmental friendliness pledge of durable repair and well-being of tenants. Choosing these or other materials for construction, we try to give preference to the best material, thanks to…

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Warming the balcony. How to warm the balcony?
People living in a high-rise building have a balcony or loggia. Most people use this area to store their belongings, such as strollers, bicycles, vegetables and tools. In small apartments,…

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At present, the choice of materials intended for wall decoration is not limited to paint, usual wallpaper and decorative plaster. In recent years, for this purpose, special wall panels are often used, which are perfectly suitable for designing almost any room. Products of this type appeared on the Russian construction market relatively recently and were initially used only in retail and office premises. However, today many homeowners, who are repairing their apartment, increasingly prefer this particular method of finishing, which is due to its undeniable advantages over the use of other finishing materials.

Finishing the wall with MDF panels
Varieties of wall panels
Rack – have the form of plates, the thickness of which can vary from 8 to 12 mm. For the installation of such panels requires the presence of wooden or metal crates. Their surface is equipped with special spikes and grooves, which almost completely eliminates the possibility of gaps in the installation process. For fixing the plates on the wall can be used staples or screws.
Stacked tile – made in the form of a square. Installation of panels of this type is carried out with the help of glue or clamps, and additional inserts are used to connect them together.
Sheet – the length of products varies from 122 to 244 cm. Such a coating can have a different pattern, which in most cases imitates traditional finishing materials – plaster, ceramic tile, stone or wallpaper. An ordinary glue is used for mounting, and the joints and gaps are hidden under the moldings.
Types of wall panels
Types of materials
As for the materials used for the manufacture of modern wall panels, the most expensive is natural wood. Oak, cedar, alder or maple are perfect for classic interiors. These types of wood make the room more stringent and give it a luxurious and noble look.

Wall panels made of PVC, MDF, chipboard and fiberboard are much cheaper and are considered a budget option for finishing. Chipboard materials can only be used in dry rooms, as they cannot withstand high levels of humidity. For balconies and bathrooms it is recommended to use PVC products that are in greatest demand today, which can be explained by their reasonable price and long service life.

Wall panels in the living room interior
Glass wall panels are often used to finish kitchen aprons. Also popular are gypsum-vinyl designs and models decorated with 3D patterns. A special top layer that can imitate various types of surfaces gives special appeal to such products.

As a rule, wall panels are covered with laminate, which is a matte or glossy film. Another option – natural veneer, fixed on the base of chipboard or fiberboard by hot pressing.

The advantages of finishing wall panels
Simple and fast installation, not requiring the involvement of professionals.
Rich selection of textures and colors.
Environmental safety and the absence of material harmful to health substances.
Easy replacement of individual wall panels in case of damage.
Possibility of use in any rooms and rooms.
Longer term of operation in comparison with paints and wall-paper.
No need to pre-level the wall surface or apply a layer of plaster on it.
Installation of wall panels
The only drawback of wall panels is that they are not able to withstand shocks and strong mechanical effects. In addition, when selecting them, it is recommended to pay attention to such an indicator as combustibility, since wood-based materials are classified as fire hazardous.

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At present, the choice of materials intended for wall decoration is not limited to paint, usual wallpaper and decorative plaster. In recent years, for this purpose, special wall panels are…