Dream bath in the "Khrushchev"
Anyone who has ever seen an advertisement for shampoos, secretly dreamed of visiting the place of an actor or actress. Huge bathrooms, with windows overlooking the flowering fields and lakes.…

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Dream bath in the “Khrushchev”

Anyone who has ever seen an advertisement for shampoos, secretly dreamed of visiting the place of an actor or actress. Huge bathrooms, with windows overlooking the flowering fields and lakes. And this should not remain a dream! Although a little bit, but you can make your bath look like.
Any room for housing is not possible without a bathroom. Whether it is an apartment or a private house, the bathroom is everywhere. In a rare case, you can see large and luxurious rooms, but basically all the bathrooms are small.

Once it happened, you will have to find a way out of this situation, by reworking the usable area yourself. For the implementation of their ideas, it is enough to have the desire, imagination and, of course, a certain amount of money.

First you need to decide on the purpose of the bathroom. First of all, this is the place where people do personal hygiene, and more? The bathroom can be turned into anything, starting from the storage of household chemicals, and ending with a paradise room in which you can afford to relax a bit.

First of all, you should make approximate drawings and sketches on paper. First of all, you should think about combining the bathroom, if this is possible and generally convenient. In some apartments, by default, the bathroom and toilet are combined, which, if desired, can be fixed. It is also worthwhile to think in advance about the future color of the room, the first impression about the bathroom will create exactly the color.

The main thing is to decide on the colors you like and their conciseness with the colors of the tile, if any, and plumbing. As a rule, take the following ratio – seventy to thirty, where seventy percent are the main color, and the remaining thirty – trim and details.

Since the size of the room and so leaves much to be desired, you should not overdo it with dark colors. As you know, bright, warm colors visually increase the area of ​​the room. Also, these attributes are much easier to pick up additional attributes.

Thinking through the plan, you should pay attention to all the corners and hidden places of the bathroom. Most of them can be favorably beaten by placing there some shelves for various bottles and tubes. Thus, the unattractive view will close and additional space will appear for some things at the same time. If the room turned out to be too cramped, you can always replace the old bulky bath with a high and compact shower cabin, and also buy an original shower mixer. Get a sort of euro style and at the same time freedom and space.
The following transformations and innovations will be mirrors and light. If desired, lamps can be placed next to the sink and on the sides of the walls. The main thing in this case – do not forget about the safety rules.

With mirrors, everything is very simple: you can hang them almost anywhere, because they are necessary in the bathroom.
Such tricks can beat even the smallest premises, be it the bathroom or other places in the house.

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