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Top 10 mistakes when repairing kitchen: how to avoid them?

Errors in the repair are inevitable, but sometimes they are in the smallest details that do not affect the level of comfort, and sometimes become a real disaster. It is especially important to follow all the rules when repairing a kitchen, because safe and fast cooking will require certain conditions. What are the typical mistakes people make when manipulating here? How to avoid problems, stress and unnecessary expenses in the future?

The most common repair errors
Surprisingly, most people make the same mistakes when repairing a kitchen. The reason for this is advertising, irrational choice of materials, consideration of only the aesthetic component and unprofessional approach. What mistakes are more common?

Deep hinged shelves – uncomfortable to use them, it is better to give preference to the boxes;
Inconvenient pens – although they look impressive, you will have to put up with discomfort in your work;
Arrangement of furniture along one wall – you have to constantly run around the kitchen, and the convenience of cooking will decrease. Better to use a compact U-shaped layout;
Glass tabletops – again, the aesthetics are top notch, but longevity cannot be envied, because scratches will appear very quickly;
Improper installation of equipment, especially when there is a lot of it – it is ideal that steamers, blenders and juicers are located at the belt level.
Typical mistakes in kitchen renovation are often related to the fact that the owner did not develop a work plan and furniture arrangement before proceeding with the manipulations. He did not take into account the requirements of amenities for the sake of beauty, although the kitchen is primarily a work area, and only then is a place for aesthetic pleasure.

Rating stupid kitchen solutions
What are the mistakes in the repair of kitchens are the most stupid, and in no case should they be allowed?

Little light – modern kitchens require lighting of several levels, and not just one chandelier in the center of the room. Necessary lighting cabinets and work surfaces;
Wooden floor for the kitchen – you can think of it only in a nightmare, because the parquet is heavy in care, it quickly deteriorates from moisture, loses an attractive look;
The tabletop has no free space – the area is filled with small appliances, you can not allow this, remove unnecessary accessories in the cabinets;
The location of the hood is not above the gas stove – it will not cope with its functions, but it can be smoked;
Installing a dishwasher in a small kitchen – with the door open, work in the room will stop.
Often, the hostess choose wide boxes, considering them practical. But if it is easy to put them out in the store, after filling with dishes and pickles at home, difficulties will arise.

How to avoid mistakes when repairing a kitchen?
Even the most experienced professionals make mistakes, conducting repairs to the kitchen, what can we say about simple average people. What to do to prevent blemish? Universal advice – to think with your head and carefully plan every detail. More should:

Choose a good team to work;
Buy only practical finishing materials for the kitchen;
First, consider the classic options, because experiments may not bring the proper result, for example, a sink of an unusual shape is one of the mistakes;
If the area does not allow, do not litter the already cramped kitchen with unnecessary furniture – all kinds of toasters, waffle irons, bread makers and rice cookers;
Rationally use the work surface;
Do not use glossy and marble facades – they quickly get dirty, it is better to give preference to matte surfaces.
Of course, to take into account all the mistakes in the repair of the kitchen is difficult, as well as to create a truly cozy, perfect family nest. By entrusting this work to professionals, as well as drawing up an exact plan of action – your idea of ​​the future kitchen, you will be able to count on an excellent result.

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